Don Wales

Don Wales born September 23 1960, son of Jean Wales (nee Campbell) and Charles Wales. A professional photographer, specialising in lifestyle, fashion and beauty. Married to Francesca with twins Charlotte and Joseph. Don broke the UK Land speed record for an Electric car and held it for over 12 years. He was invited to be the test driver for the British Steam Car Land speed record attempt and spent nearly two years with the team testing. He was invited out to Edwards Airforce base and spent ten weeks testing the car. Then, the owner of the car, Charles Burnett iii, invited Don to 'either break my record or break my car'. Charles had just set a record of 139mph and Don did 148mph without breaking the car. Don also broke the Guinness World record for a ride on Lawn mower with a speed of 87.8 mph average over the measured mile in both directions.