About us

The Campbell Family 

The Campbell Family Heritage Trust is a private family trust and was set up in October 2001. Our aim is a simple one, ‘To protect the good names of Bluebird and Campbell’. 

We are growing 'The Bluebird Brand' for the next 100 years with our current licenced partners and always looking to expand our 'family'.

Bluebird and Campbell are synonymous with a certain panache for speed, courage, innovation, patriotism and World Records. Sir Malcolm Campbell first christened a car 'Blue Bird' in 1912, breaking his first Land speed record in 1924. His son, Donald, continued the family 'business' braking records, being the other person to break both Land Water speed records in the same year. 

Donald's daughter, Gina, has also inherited the family genes and twice broke the World Women's Water speed record and was the UK offshore Powerboat Champion. Now actively involved with achieving the display of her father's Bluebird K7 in the Ruskin Museum in Coniston.

Sir Malcolm also had a daughter, Jean, who inherited her father's bravery and determination. She had three sons, being grandsons of Sir Malcolm;- Malcolm, Peter and Donald.

Donald, is the only son from Jean's second marriage Charles Wales. Don has continued the family tradition and broken a number of Land Speed records, The UK Land speed record for an Electric car, The Guinness World record for a ride on Lawn Mower and the World Land speed record for a car powered by Steam.

Malcolm Campbell and his son, Donald, sitting in a Bluebird car 1927